Introduction to this document

Shared premises health and safety checklist

If you control a premises which has more than one commercial tenant you’ll have a mix of health and safety responsibilities. Use our checklist to audit your current arrangements.

Who’s in charge?

You may have a premises which you occupy whilst also subletting one or more parts. Or you might have a multi-occupancy premises with more than one commercial tenant. Either way, you’ll retain responsibility for the health and safety of the common parts and facilities. You’ll also have a more general responsibility in terms of monitoring that tenants in one part of the building don’t put others at risk and encouraging co-operation between occupants, particularly on fire safety.

To ensure you’ve covered the key points, use our Shared Premises Health and Safety Checklist. In doing so, you’ll work through different topics such as the servicing and maintenance of essential plant, the control of contractors, housekeeping standards and tenant responsibilities.

Note. If you don’t have employees working on site, some of the content of the first section will not apply. You can simply mark sections about training records, employers’ liability insurance and the Health and Safety Law poster “N/A”, i.e. not applicable.

Note. When we use the term “tenant”, we recommend that you take it to mean any other employer occupying the shared space, such as in-house contractors. This will ensure that you make the checks needed.

Once completed, develop an action plan based on the shortfalls identified.