Introduction to this document

Driving at work policy

As the police now investigate work-related road traffic accidents more carefully than they used to, you should play it safe and introduce a comprehensive driving at work policy.

Managing driving risks

Each year it’s estimated that 26% of road fatalities are work-related. In the event of an accident, it’s now police policy to find out whether the driver was “at work” at the time. If there’s evidence that the employer was not managing driving activities within the law, they’ll find themselves in court.

The legal requirements relate to the management of risks from driving, just as any other hazard. In addition, employers can be charged with causing or permitting an offence of using a hand-held mobile phone. Employers can contribute to the risk of road accidents with unreasonable expectations and by putting time pressures on staff. A Driving at Work Policy will help to set out your expectations of staff and managers and will demonstrate that you take your responsibilities as an employer seriously.