Introduction to this document

Health and safety policy - arrangements

Employers with five or more staff are legally required to have a written health and safety policy. Our Health and Safety Policy - Arrangements template will help you to write the last section of your policy.

How to use the document

Health and safety policies are comprised of three parts: a general statement of commitment; a description of the responsibilities allocated to fulfil the policy (known as your “Organisation”), and details of the “Arrangements” for health and safety. By using all three of our templates you can create a tailored health and safety policy which clearly reflects your own business and its activities. This Health and Safety Policy - Arrangements is divided into two parts. The first covers general arrangements such as for managing contractors, consulting with staff and providing first aid. The second part covers the arrangements for dealing with specific hazards such as manual handling, electricity and work equipment. Where possible we’ve cross-referenced to other specific policies you may have in place to avoid duplication. If you don’t have a separate policy for one of these areas, e.g. fire safety, you can either create one or include your own sub-heading and write one or two paragraphs to explain your arrangements.