Introduction to this document

Health and safety policy - organisation

Health and safety policies comprise three parts: a general statement of commitment; a description of the responsibilities allocated to fulfil the policy (known as your “Organisation”); and details of the “Arrangements” for health and safety. This Health and Safety Policy – Organisation document will help you to write part two of your policy.

How to use the document

The purpose of this document is to make sure that specific roles are allocated for the implementation of the policy which you will have written using our Health and Safety Policy Statement. This document will need to be adapted to suit each organisation’s needs, but should be appropriate for many low risk businesses without the need for many changes. To use it, rearrange and add to the responsibilities and the job titles listed so that the activities of your business are covered. Make sure that each individual has a clear set of responsibilities and that all of your activities are accurately reflected. Try to avoid deleting responsibilities completely unless they are clearly not applicable.

What’s included?

This policy covers the typical responsibilities of the board, managing director, directors/senior managers, managers/supervisors, the health and safety adviser, premises manager and all employees.