Introduction to this document

Young workers policy

Our policy will help you to set out your arrangements for protecting employees under 18 and work experience students.

What’s covered?

A general statement sets out your commitment to protecting these more vulnerable staff and explains that you will comply with key features of the law including conducting risk assessments and controlling working hours.

The legislation is outlined, in particular the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. These require employers to risk assess the work of young employees and place restrictions on the type of work which they can do. There’s also confirmation that all the legislation applies equally to work experience placements and employees.

The policy describes how you have applied the legal requirements in practice, including:

  • risk assessment arrangements
  • induction and supervision
  • limitations on the work permitted
  • personal protective clothing and equipment; and
  • working time rules.

There are spaces for you to tailor the contents by identifying managers responsible for monitoring working hours and rest periods and carrying out risk assessments. You’re also encouraged to list the particular jobs which young workers can and cannot do.