Introduction to this document

Chainsaw safety checklist

Chainsaws can be very dangerous if safety procedures for their use are not followed. For this reason, we have devised a checklist to help you monitor whether your procedures are working properly.

Chainsaw safety

As chainsaws are work equipment and subject to the requirements of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER), you need to ensure that staff are properly trained in their use and that the chainsaws are well maintained. You’re also required to ensure that staff wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow good safety procedures, due to the high risks involved. If you use this equipment in your business, our Chainsaw Safety Checklist can help to make these checks. It’s divided into four sections.

Using the checklist

The first part of our checklist considers what training is given to those that use chainsaws and whether or not it makes clear that only trained operatives may use them. It also emphasises the importance of having strict safeguards for their use by young workers aged between 16 and 18 years. The second section looks at risk assessments, safe systems of work and other paperwork. The third and longest section looks at what safety precautions you have in place. These vary from those for lone or remote working through to the reporting of defects and the provision of first aid kits. The final section prompts you to consider the provision of PPE, such as safety glasses and protective clothing to the current EN standard. There is space for you include any comments, or note if any further action needs to be taken. Once it’s been completed, the checklist should be signed and dated, and kept for at least three years.