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Electrical hand tool safety procedure

A variety of electrical hand tools can now be found in the modern workplace, each presenting its own hazards. To help you manage them, we have created a procedure.

Electrical hand tool safety procedure

Where training in the use of hand tools is necessary, you may want to consider producing a brief overview of what’s been covered. If so, it can take the form of an Electrical Hand Tool Safety Procedure. You can go through it with each employee and obtain their signature to confirm that the training has been given. This also means that it can easily be incorporated into your induction process for new staff. It’s divided into two main sections. The first focuses on what should be happening, such as only using equipment that staff have been shown how to operate and to report suspected defects, whilst the second part concentrates on what not to do. This includes using equipment that’s defective and trying to take unsafe shortcuts, e.g. using an electrical hand tool with a damaged plug top.



electrical hand tool safety procedure

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