Introduction to this document

Face fit testing record

Use our document to record the results from face fit testing of your staff to ensure they are wearing any PPE provided correctly.

Our new form

If you provide respiratory protective equipment, it is essential to test the wearer to ensure a good fit, commonly called face fit testing. To help you record the outcome of the tests, use our Face Fit Testing Record. This identifies the employee and the results of the test.

Keeping records

Most health and safety records should be kept for a minimum of three years. However, we recommend keeping these particular records for at least 40 years, which aligns with the storage of other medical records. The reason for this is that although it may seem like you are testing the PPE, you are in fact testing the efficacy of it and whether the individual is still being exposed to hazards. Evidencing that you have conducted face fit tests could be an important part of defending either a prosecution or a claim for compensation.