Introduction to this document

Safety harness record of issue

If your employees use safety harnesses, you need to keep track of when they’re issued and to whom and to make sure they’ve received a detailed safety check.

Record of issue

Our new Safety Harness Record of Issue form is designed to complement our detailed Safety Harness Inspection Checklist. The record should be completed every time that a harness is issued, e.g. by a storeman or supervisor, and a further note should be made on the second half of the form when the item is returned. The form will provide an at-a-glance record of which harnesses have been issued and not yet returned. It also will create an audit trail to show when the harnesses were issued and a record that they were inspected beforehand. If you have harnesses in regular use, we’d recommend that they’re handed in at the end of the week, inspected, and then reissued at the start of the following week.