Introduction to this document

Work equipment - pre-start inspection checklist

At the start of a shift, staff should be checking that they have the right tools for the job and they’re in good working condition. Brief details of these checks should be recorded.

Broken, lost etc.

When you issue staff with work equipment or stipulate what tools etc. must be used to complete a job, you should be able to rely on them to follow your instructions. However, they might lose or break kit, or decide to use whatever they can get their hands on to do the job.

Keep control

To prevent such issues, you should instruct staff to complete a formal check on their work equipment at the start of their shift. This should identify that they have the right equipment with them and that it’s in good working order. To prove that they’ve carried out an inspection, ask them to complete our Work Equipment - Pre-start Inspection Checklist.

What’s covered?

The document begins by asking your staff to identify where they’re working, who they’re working for and when they will complete the checks. Next the form provides space for the “Type(s) of equipment”; it also asks for “Inventory number(s)”.

Tip. Rather than asking staff to complete this each day, you can do it for them, then provide them with sheets that are part completed. Not only does this reduce the time it takes to complete the form, it also means that the document acts as a checklist to identify what equipment they should have with them.


Next, the form asks staff to give details of their findings. For example, whether they’ve identified any damage, or if what they have is fit for purpose. Finally, they’re asked to provide Comments”; “Further information” or “Action to be taken”.