Introduction to this document

Work equipment - routine inspection report

It’s common practice, especially in construction, to have a log book for routine work equipment inspections. Use our report to record the outcome.

The law

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 say that where it is needed for safety reasons, work equipment should undergo periodic inspections. There are certain types of equipment which you would usually inspect on a weekly basis on a construction site. These include ladders and access towers, mobile plant such as dumper trucks and hand-held power tools. Our Work Equipment - Routine Inspection Report will help you to set up your own log book for this purpose.

What to cover?

The inspections should include, as appropriate, visual checks, functional checks and testing. This form is not for detailed testing, it’s more for a visual check and oversight. Ensure that the employee assigned to the task has sufficient competency to do it effectively.

Note. Lifting equipment is generally listed on a separate inspection record.

Tips for use

To save time you could fill in the page with the list of plant and equipment in column three and copy it. You’ll then begin with a partly pre-filled page on each occasion but remember to include new equipment.  Insist that helpful and specific notes are written, not the same phrase each time.