Introduction to this document

Coronavirus - compliance audit

To protect your staff and customers, you must make your premises COVID-19 secure. Complete our audit to check you’ve done what’s required.

Document contents

You need to take reasonable steps to ensure that you have minimised the risks to your staff and others from coronavirus.

The first part of the document asks you to identify who has completed the audit and give details about your workplace. Next, it asks you to give “Details of documented coronavirus safe systems of work” that must be followed. Here you should list any documentation you have created to make staff aware of the risks and the control measures that apply to them, e.g. risk assessments, policies, procedures, posters, etc.

Next, the document asks you to identify the “Names and roles of staff consulted”. The HSE has made it clear that staff and others must be made fully aware of your coronavirus arrangements. If it can see that you have involved staff in an audit, it should be satisfied that you have complied with the rules.

The bulk of the document is a “Compliance checklist”. This includes 40 questions that can be answered in the appropriate tick boxes. The audit also suggests you provide further information if necessary.

The last part of the document is a “Photo record”. Here you should insert photos that identify the practical steps you have taken, e.g. of signage and changes made to welfare areas.