Introduction to this document

Flow chart - how to respond to a DSE assessment

After a DSE assessment you may find that further actions are necessary. Follow our flow chart to ensure all appropriate steps are taken to reduce risks to your employees.

Why use our document?

Our document has been designed to factor in legal duties and obligations under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, which require employers to carry out an analysis and assessment of the workstation.


If you have decided to follow a self-assessment process, bear in mind that you must still take steps to ensure that the employees are able to complete the form competently. This will involve training or, as a minimum, instructions, to accompany the form. One example of how to do this is to use a program which provides online training as well as an assessment tool. Many large organisations use this approach, including the HSE.

The alternative is to train DSE assessors, or bring in a trained assessor such as a health and safety advisor. This approach may work better for a smaller employer, because setting up and administrating the software takes time and it may be easier to simply assess each workstation in a traditional way.

If you do go down the self-assessment route, as illustrated in our process, you will still require the back-up of a trained assessor to follow up any problems raised.