Introduction to this document

Medical consent form for GP and
occupational health advisor

Before you can obtain any information on an employee’s fitness to work, you must get their written permission. This can be done by issuing a medical consent form that sets out what you want, and why.

Medical consent form

Before you can obtain information from an employee’s GP or an independent occupational health advisor, you will need the employee’s written consent. You may find that obtaining it is difficult if the employee concerned doesn’t understand what’s needed and why. For these reasons, it’s useful to have a Medical Consent Form for GP and Occupational Health Advisor, as it sets everything out in plain English.

Form layout

The first introductory paragraph sets out why you need this information, e.g. to ensure the health, safety and welfare of your employees. Paragraph two briefly explains what the form contains. However, it’s the main part of the form that’s most important as it concentrates on consent and the implications of withholding permission. Section one relates to medical information from the GP, whilst Section two is concerned with obtaining consent to having an examination and report issued by an occupational health advisor.