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Foreign travel checklist

When you consider the increased terrorist threat in addition to the other risks involved in foreign travel, it makes sense to manage any risks before staff leave. So why not use our checklist to help you do this?

Foreign travel pitfalls

Business travel can be fraught with difficulties at the best of times, particularly if travelling to countries with very different cultural values. If you add on the greatly increased likelihood of terrorist activity, it makes sense to identify and control the risks before staff leave. With this in mind, we have created a Foreign Travel Checklist to help you. Although only one side of A4, it contains all the key points to consider before sending employees abroad on business.

Checklist content

This checklist asks a number of questions to help you plan worldwide business trips. Whilst it’s designed with travel to non-Western countries in mind, it’s useful for all trips, e.g. it reminds you of the importance of having copies of all essential documentation and having appropriate insurance cover in place. In the current political climate this should now include cover for terrorism threats, where necessary. It also prompts you to identify if any vaccinations are necessary and whether or not the employee has been briefed on any local laws and customs (where appropriate).



foreign travel checklist

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