Introduction to this document

H&S induction - delivery driver

Ensuring staff receive a thorough induction is an essential part of keeping them safe at work, but if you employ delivery drivers you might find that your generic staff induction process is a poor fit. Use our document for this purpose.

Driving good safety habits

When inducting new delivery drivers, you’ll want to spend less time explaining your premises rules than you might for staff who are based on site.

Drivers will only need to know the basics of your workplace, such as the fire procedure and your site transport safety rules. Conversely, rules and information about safe driving and visits to customers’ premises will be top of your list.

Our document H&S Induction - Delivery Drivers has been developed specifically for this purpose. It’s a checklist which covers the health and safety issues to discuss at the start of the driver’s employment, and it should be tailored to their role.