Introduction to this document

Lone worker contact details form

If your staff work off site on their own, then you’ll need to make sure that you have their emergency contact details to hand. Use our form to keep a record.

Using the form

The form is designed so that you can record and periodically review the information you hold on lone workers. Although you may feel this information is available elsewhere, this record ensures that the details are immediately available in one location and can be accessed by senior staff or designated colleagues in the event of an emergency.

This record includes details to help you to contact the worker. Should that fail, it also includes information which would be useful if searching for a missing person, such as vehicle information, a photograph, next of kin and itinerary.

It’s recommended that the form is completed and signed before a worker begins in a lone working role. It should be updated when the details change, but just in case this is forgotten we recommend that you also review it, e.g. on an annual basis.