Introduction to this document

Driving at work

It’s been widely reported that driving vehicles whilst at work is more dangerous than actually being in a workplace. So use our document to highlight the risks and also what you can do to manage them.

On the road

You should assess the risks of driving and implement suitable control measures, so that risks faced by your staff are minimised so far as is reasonably practicable.

Managing the risks

To help you identify the hazards and appropriate ways of controlling them, use our example Risk Assessment - Driving at Work document.  It covers the generic hazards associated with driving a normal vehicle on UK roads and suggests control measures to reduce risks to an acceptable level. This risk assessment should be used in conjunction with a Driving at Work Policy.

Note. The list of potential hazards is not exhaustive. For your risk assessment to be considered suitable and sufficient in the eyes of the law it must accurately reflect the “significant” hazards associated with driving at work.