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Flow chart - do you need a gas safety certificate?

If you have natural gas appliances, you’ll need to ensure that they are serviced, and where necessary, keep safety certificates up to date. Use our flow chart to check what’s needed.


The legal requirements for natural gas-fired appliances are set out in the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. It’s under these Regulations that certain premises require a gas safety certificate. However, the rule does not apply to every commercial premises.

How to use our document

Work through our Flow Chart - Do You Need a Gas Safety Certificate? to ascertain if you need a certificate. A gas safety check is required every twelve months for landlords and residential accommodation owners. For employers and the self-employed annual inspections are good practice in general but you should refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Note. A gas safety certificate is not required unless your premises falls into one of the categories of residential accommodation listed.