Introduction to this document

Monthly tap water temperature record

Where a risk of legionella has been identified within your water system, you’ll need to implement a temperature monitoring regime. Use our monthly tap water temperature record to record your results.

How to use it

Before you start it’s useful to allocate a unique reference number or code to each outlet. If there is no more than one sink or basin per room, you might use a room number or description. Otherwise, you might take a plan of the building and write a reference number next to each outlet. Doing this will save time later when making your record.

Next, on the record form in the spaces indicated, complete details of the premises location and fill in the description or reference numbers for the nearest and furthest points from the hot and cold water storage tanks.

Make sure that you have available a digital probe thermometer to take the temperatures. Then simply follow the instructions given at the top of the form and fill in the results.

Cold water should reach <20 0C after running the water for up to two minutes. Hot water should be at or above 50 0C after running the water for up to one minute. If you find that the temperatures are outside of this range, ask a plumber if the problem can be resolved. If it’s not possible to do so, obtain advice from a water hygiene specialist. 

The above guidance is based on the HSE’s Legionnaire’s Disease’ Approved Code of Practice and Guidance Ref L8.

If you find that you need room for further information or action needs to be taken, indicate this in the final column of the record sheet and write details in the action table provided.