Introduction to this document

Sanitary and washing facilities checklist

Legislation lays down certain standards for workplace sanitary and washing facilities that you’re required to follow. An easy way of ensuring that you are doing this is to work through our checklist.

Maintaining facilities

Use our Sanitary and Washing Facilities Checklist to help you to assess the standard of provision of existing facilities, your plans for new facilities and the adequacy of your cleaning and maintenance arrangements.

The first section considers various design issues such as whether there’s natural ventilation and if the electrical fittings are protected from moisture and condensation.

Section two focuses on the facilities available in your toilets and washrooms from the adequacy of lighting levels to the availability of soap and drying facilities.

The third section is relevant to those who have a need for workplace showers and covers issues such as whether they have devices fitted to prevent scalding.

The fourth section looks at hygiene, including your arrangements to manage the risks from coronavirus and legionella.