Introduction to this document

Slips and trips checklist

A common cause of accidents is slips and trips. One way of reducing the likelihood of such accidents arising is to use our checklist.

Managing the risks

A major cause of workplace accidents is poorly maintained walkways and inadequate cleaning. In order to reduce the likelihood of such accidents happening, you could use a Slips and Trips Checklist. If used regularly, it may even help you avoid a personal injury claim.

Walkways and work areas checklist

The first part of our checklist covers the main internal hazards, such as the condition of the flooring, the existence of trip hazards and the adequacy of your current standards of cleaning. Depending on the size and layout of your premises, you can either use just one, or several for different areas.

External areas

The second part of our checklist includes questions on the condition of external walkways and traffic routes. These cover the condition of surfaces (including rooftop plant areas if applicable), the visibility of step edges and arrangements for dealing with wintry conditions.

Recording concerns

There is space at the bottom for the manager or supervisor making the checks to note down any concerns. If this section is completed, these concerns should be investigated and any remedial action taken; remember, this will be a cheaper option than dealing with a claim.