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Pension auto-enrolment: record of employees enrolled

Under pension auto-enrolment every employer is required to operate an approved pension scheme for its staff. There are no concessions for smaller businesses. It’s useful to have an overview including details such as which employees are enrolled and whether any have voluntarily opted out. Use our record of employees enrolled for this purpose.


All employers are legally required to automatically enrol their eligible employees into a qualifying workplace pension scheme. The Pensions Regulator will be checking up. You can find out about what you need to do at

If there's a failure to comply with a statutory notice (to take, or not take, specific action(s) within a specified timeframe) this can lead to a penalty notice for a fixed amount (£400), or escalating penalties of £2,500 per day for employers with 50 to 249 workers.

Note. The Pensions Regulator does take enforcement action against employers that fail to meet their auto-enrolment obligations. Never encourage employees to opt out of auto-enrolment as this is one way to risk a hefty fine. Keeping this record up to date will show you've complied with the rules and help avoid fines.