Introduction to this document

New and expectant mothers

With the HSE’s increased focus on risk for new and expectant mothers use our new risk assessment to ensure you’ve got everything covered.


When to use the form?

As soon as youve been notified in writing by the pregnant worker, use our Risk Assessment - New and Expectant Mothers to establish whether what you have in place already is sufficient or whether further controls should be implemented.


What’s covered?

The form is in two parts and firstly considers the tasks that a pregnant worker, or one who has given birth within six months or is breastfeeding, is being asked to undertake. It looks at the hazards present and suggests controls to reduce the risk. The second part is directed at the individual and any specific issues they may have, such as a complication with the pregnancy, that could affect their safety and welfare in the workplace.

This should be discussed with the individual and regularly reviewed throughout not only the pregnancy, but on their return to work from maternity leave and until the employee feels that it is no longer needed.