Introduction to this document

Risk assessment - machinery (blank)

If your staff use potentially dangerous machinery, you must carry out risk assessments to identify the safety measures required. Our risk assessment - machinery (blank) makes a complex task simple.

When to use this form

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 employers must undertake risk assessments covering the work their staff carry out. Using workshop and manufacturing equipment creates significant risks and these activities should be high on your priority list for risk assessment.

The problem when assessing complex machinery is that you could miss essential points when using a standard risk assessment form. For example, you might identify that all the guarding is in place, but omit lighting checks or power isolation arrangements. Use this specialist risk assessment form to carry out a detailed evaluation of your equipment.

Note. It is not intended to be used for common office equipment such as your photocopier. Reserve it for those machines which carry a significant risk of serious injury.

To use it, make sure you find any documentation relevant to the equipment, such as the user manual. Your finished document should include a note of the reference materials referred to.