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Coronavirus risk assessment - return to work

If staff return to their normal workplace, you must ensure it is “COVID-Secure”. Use our risk assessment to identify what to do.

Key requirements

The general requirements to ensure your workplace is safe haven’t changed since the beginning of the outbreak. The key ones are social distancing, provision of hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser. You must ensure that seating plans etc. allow staff to maintain social distancing of 2m. We suggest you insert a seating/office plan on the front page of the document to make your arrangements clear to all.

Although face masks are required in many places, staff are not required to wear them whilst at their desks.

The party line

As all enforcement of coronavirus rules and regulations is based on compliance with the government’s guidance documents, we have ensured that our control measures reflect these requirements.

Note. Inspectors have confirmed that they do not expect you to go “above and beyond” the requirements of the guidance.



Coronavirus risk assessment -  return to work

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