Introduction to this document

Cleaning business premises

A good standard of cleaning protects all building users from hygiene hazards. Our risk assessment will help to ensure that your cleaning staff are protected while carrying out this essential work.

The risks of cleaning work

Our Risk Assessment - Cleaning Business Premises covers both the general hazards of cleaning activities, such as manual handling and slippery floors, alongside specific risks relating to the coronavirus pandemic. By using it you can be sure that you’re following the correct advice as we’ve incorporated government guidance to develop the content.

Although we have pre-filled our document you will still need to tailor it to your own organisation’s needs. Ensure that the key hazards your workers are exposed to are covered, and that you’re happy with the risk ratings we’ve attributed. You should also ensure that the risk control measures accurately reflect what you need to do to mitigate the risks.

Note. Regularly review the updated information provided by the government and the HSE as its advice is changing rapidly. Apply these changes to your risk assessment as soon as possible after each update is issued.