Introduction to this document

Coronavirus risk assessment

It’s vital that you take reasonable steps to prevent staff from being exposed to coronavirus. Our risk assessment identifies the hazards and appropriate control measures to follow.


Our Coronavirus Risk Assessment, in our standard health and safety risk assessment template, identifies activities that may need to be completed during the pandemic. It identifies the Persons at risk”, the Significant hazards” and, most importantly, the Risk control measures” that should be followed to reduce the risks to an acceptable level.


The first sections cover Working during the coronavirus pandemic”. Here our suggested control measures follow the government guidance closely. We have stated that “You must only travel to your workplace if your work absolutely cannot be done from home.” and “If you leave your home, you should minimise any time spent outside and ensure that you are two metres apart from anyone outside your household.”

Note. The government has made it clear that these rules must be followed. Those who fail to do so risk fines or even prosecution.

Welfare facilities

If staff and others are working on your premises, you must provide appropriate toilet, washroom and rest facilities. We have highlighted the need for all persons using such facilities to maintain good hygiene standards and if the two-metre rule cannot be followed the facility should not be used.

Maintaining standards

The document clarifies that your safe systems of work must be maintained. For example, staff are not to complete tasks they are not deemed competent in or use machinery in ways it is not designed for.