Introduction to this document

Risk assessment - podium steps

Podium steps are rapidly taking the place of stepladders. Use our risk assessment to identify when and how to use them.

On high

Since the introduction of the Work at Height Regulations 2005, in many sectors stepladders and normal ladders have been replaced with alternatives, such as podium steps. These are taking the place of stepladders, band stands and other equipment which is suitable for relatively short-duration work at height.

What are podium steps?

There are many types and designs an online search will identify quite how many variations there are. In summary, it is a square platform that has edge protection all around it. In effect, a mini-tower scaffold. It will allow one member of staff to work at height, but without having to worry about positioning themselves safely on steps or a ladder.

Before you get the steps out

Because work at height is involved you still need to make sure that you look at all aspects of the job and identify the safe means of completing it. This is where you can use our new Risk Assessment - Podium Steps.

What’s covered?

The first section identifies when you may wish to use podium steps. Next it lists the pre-start checks anyone using them should go through. This includes checking the physical condition of the unit before each use. Finally it identifies how the steps should be set up and used, i.e. only on firm and level ground.