Introduction to this document

Risk assessment public safety

Those visiting or using your premises may seek reassurance that you have appropriate health and safety arrangements in place. Our risk assessment will help you to do this.

Is it safe to come in?

If you make your premises available to visitors, for example you provide meeting rooms, training facilities or host school trips, you can expect the client to seek assurance that it’s not sending its staff or children to an unsafe environment. If you’re not careful, this could involve sending all manner of risk assessments, site surveys, etc. to the client. However, if you use our Risk Assessment - Public Safety, you can tick all the appropriate boxes in one fell swoop.

What’s covered?

This document, which is set out in our standard risk assessment template, summarises all the health and safety issues that may cause concern to those who are organising a visit to your premises.

You will find sections that cover general risks associated with a building, for example trip hazards, general building maintenance, etc. It also identifies whether there is any asbestos in your premises and if so what steps you’ve taken to deal with it.

Amend to suit

As every site is different you may find sections - such as the one that covers asbestos - need to be tweaked accordingly.