Introduction to this document

Risk assessment - spray painting emulsion

It’s becoming common practice to spray on emulsion paints rather than using a roller. Use our template risk assessment to take the hazards of this method of work into account.

Why and how to use it

Painting using a spray gun introduces hazards which are not present when more conventional methods are used. Undertaking a risk assessment is a good way of working out what these are and what you ought to do about them.

It’s also a legal requirement and by using our Risk Assessment - Spray Painting Emulsion you can fulfil your responsibility in this regard. All that’s required is to check through the contents, make additions and other amendments as necessary, and sign it off on the last page.

What’s covered?

The hazards listed arise primarily from working at height and the spraying of the paint. Other points identified result from the use of pressurised equipment (risk of failure), slips and trips, and electrical hazards.