Introduction to this document

Safety procedure - site waste disposal

Use our procedure to describe the safety and environmental arrangements you expect to be put in place for waste disposal.

How to use it

This document is designed to be used in support of the site safety induction or safety briefing, or for issuing to workers and sub-contractors. It explains clearly what your expectations are and why.

Some of the sections are left blank for you to complete but others are pre-filled with information which you can edit to suit your own circumstances.

What’s  covered?

The procedure begins by describing the basics, such as the type of work, timing, location, names of individuals supervising and completing the work, skills and training needed, work equipment and personal protective clothing. The main parts of the document are titled “Significant risks associated with the task” and “Work sequence”. The latter section is sub-divided into “before”, “during and after”. Within these parts of the procedure are listed a broad range of hazards and risks, along with the risk control measures needed to overcome them.


site waste disposal

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