Introduction to this document

Work equipment - safe system of work - stepladders

If your staff use stepladders, it’s important that they are made aware of the associated risks and the safe systems of work that should be followed. You can achieve this by using our document.

Use properly

Use our Work Equipment - Safe System of Work - Stepladders document to highlight the risks and how to work safely.

Other must do instructions

There are seven key instructions. These identify that the equipment must be inspected for safety-critical defects before use, they must be set up on firm and stable ground, the top steps of the stepladder must not be used, and restraint and locking devices must be employed.

Key hazards

The risk assessment part of the document reaffirms “Key hazards” and the “Control measures to be followed”. The most significant one Is that “Stepladders are essentially a means of access/egress and should only be used as working platforms for short duration tasks, i.e. less than 30 minutes, where alternative platforms would be impracticable, and where such tasks can be carried out safely.”