Introduction to this document

Safety briefing - use of fire extinguishers

This briefing explains what types of fire extinguisher are available in the UK and how to recognise and use them.

What’s covered?

The aim of this Safety Briefing - Use of Fire Extinguishers is to ensure that all staff are fully aware of the risks associated with fire extinguisher usage.


The briefing identifies which extinguishers should be used for different types of fire. For example, it makes clear that water extinguishers shouldn't be used on electrical fires. It also gives guidance on how to discharge the extinguisher.

Key points

Attendees must take note of the following key points:

  • Remember, the old fire extinguisher colour codes are still in use but follow the same colouring.
  • A new Class F extinguisher is now available for cooking oil and fat fires.
  • Contact your local fire and rescue service for free advice on fire-related topics.