Introduction to this document

Safety briefing - international travel

This briefing addresses the key risks and control measures needed to manage international travel.

What’s covered?

The aim of this Safety Briefing - International Travel is to ensure that all staff are fully aware of the potential risks associated with international travel and what they should do to minimise the chances of an accident/incident.

Hazards and risks

The briefing identifies hazards including becoming sick whilst travelling, the threat of theft or violence or being stranded.


Control measures include ensuring that there are no warnings in place regarding your destination, having all necessary contact details and being aware of local customs and legislation.

Key points

Attendees must take note of the following key points:

  • Do not advertise yourself as an employee of a foreign company.
  • Provide your friends/family with a detailed copy of your itinerary and a way of contacting you.
  • Ensure that your line manager and the office or clients you will be visiting also have this information.


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