Introduction to this document

Safety briefing - winter driving

Driving in winter brings with it additional hazards, including reduced visibility, slippery surfaces and more frequent breakdowns. Use our briefing to ensure that staff are prepared.

Planning ahead

Our Safety Briefing – Winter Driving can be used to prompt drivers to consider whether their vehicle is properly equipped for the colder months. It also runs through the types of skill, information and equipment they should have before setting out on winter journeys.

What’s covered?

The document highlights the main risks, i.e. (1) collisions involving damage and injury; (2) losing control on ice or in heavy rain; (3) poor visibility; and (4) the additional risk of a vehicle breaking down exposing the driver to risks from traffic and freezing conditions. Under Reasons for concern”, we’ve described mistakes which can contribute to an increased risk.

Note. Rather than tell staff what to do, you may influence their behaviour more successfully if you turn the session into a two- way discussion, asking for and commenting on their suggestions.



winter driving

08 Nov 2021
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