About Indicator - FL Memo Ltd

What we do

For many years Indicator - FL Memo Ltd has been publishing independent advice about tax, financial, legal, personnel, health and safety and environmental issues. Read more about Indicator - FL Memo at www.indicator-flm.co.uk.

Who's it for?

Mainly for directors, owners and managers of small and medium sized businesses. But naturally also for advisors who assist these people.

The basic principles

Our advice is always: short and concise, in jargon-free, plain English and ready-to-use. No grand theories, but to the point advice extracted from a vast pool of information, changing legislation, real-life situations and scientific research.

The editorial team

Our editors are all experts in their chosen field. Plus, our network of external contributors, each an expert in a different area, enables us to tailor our advice to particular situations.

The aim

Our editors have one goal: to secure you significant business and personal advantages. Whether it's about staff management, directors' liability, cutting waste or tax etc., you always get advice that shows how to pay less, save time, feel more secure, avoid problems, etc.

The medium

Our advice is brought to you via various printed publications and online resources. From 'Newsletters' for up to the minute news and advice, to 'Special Reports' for a more in-depth view on certain topics, to 'Books' for detailed advice on certain themes, to special online solutions. Whatever the medium, you'll always get ready-to-use, money-saving advice.