Company tax - Employee benefits and expenses

This can be a really tricky subject for many businesses. Without using the right documents, the Taxman is sure to come down hard

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Mobile phone declarationThe old rule was that you could have as many mobile phones as you liked, tax and NI free. Now it's down to one per employee. If you have more than one, you will need to declare which one is to be your tax-exempt phone.Choose yo... Read more
01 Sep 2010
Employees' incidental overnight expenses policyIf an employee has to stay away overnight on business, there are some tax and NI-free expense payments you can make. To achieve this you'll need to have a company policy in place to avoid an employee claim... Read more
05 Oct 2009
Employee scale rate clearance letterWhere you have a number of directors or employees who travel frequently, you can reduce the administration involved in processing their expense claims by giving them a flat rate allowance to cover items such as lun... Read more
26 Feb 2009
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