Introduction to this document

EIS qualifying company checklist

The enterprise investment scheme (EIS) is a good way to incentivise external investors to buy shares and provide much needed capital for your trading company. Use this handy document as a first step to check whether you can offer investors the lucrative EIS relief.

When does a company qualify?

There are a number of conditions that must be met in order for your company to be a “qualifying company for EIS purposes. These are separate from the conditions the individual investor must meet. Use this EIS Qualifying Company Checklist to cover the points to see if you could offer shares to your investors via the EIS. It won’t guarantee relief will apply, but it will be a useful first step.

Next step

If you have an investor lined up and you believe from using the checklist that EIS relief could be available, the next logical step is to ask HMRC for an advance assurance. You can use the checklist to form the basis of this request.