Introduction to this document

Funding report questionnaire

How is your company financed? And how and when is this finance going due to be repaid? A funding report can help ensure your company’s finance requirements are identified and properly considered as early as possible.

Key questions

You may want to consider providing the board with more than just a standard cash flow statement and the key questions a Funding Report Questionnaire seeks to answer usually include:

  • based on the maximum figure in your cash flow forecast, how much money does the company need and what is it for?
  • what are the finance options available to the company?
  • When will the company will actually need these funds?
  • how and when could they be repaid?
  • what security, if any, is available as collateral for a loan?

The answers will automatically provide the content for your report.

Financial requirements

Once you have completed your funding report questionnaire you can begin drafting your actual funding report. A good place to begin your presentation is with a timetable of anticipated funding, which takes as its starting point your “Requirement per cash flow forecast” which is then to be fulfilled by columns for “Anticipated funding” from, say, share issue, cash introduced from directors, bank loan or HP loan.