Introduction to this document

Smartphone payback calculator

Would buying a smartphone outright and taking out a SIM-only contract with a network provider work out cheaper than a standard two-year phone inclusive contract?

How much!

What’s the cost of one phone (under the standard minimum two-year contract) from one of the major mobile phone networks, where the phone comes "free. For example, an Apple iPhone could cost your company up to £55 per month (excluding VAT) on a standard two-year deal. Simple maths fixes the total cost to your company of one phone at £1,320 over the two years.

Buy the phone

Alternatively, if your business buys a smartphone and takes out a SIM-only contract with the network provider, you can drive costs down. The difference between this and a two-year phone inclusive contract allows you to calculate a payback period on the company’s investment. Use our Smartphone Payback Calculator to work this out for the contract and phone of your choice.