Introduction to this document

Non-disclosure agreement for a contractor

If your company invites a supplier to get involved in a new project, you might well want them to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The fear is that they (or someone they might talk to about the project) will bring that idea to market as their own or use any financial or other information disclosed to them to your disadvantage.

NDA solution

To make sure the NDA is enforceable (through the courts if necessary) you will need to be specific from the outset about the information and documents that will be the subject of the confidentiality agreement. However, you’ll also need words classifying as confidential “any information that will be disclosed later”, so that the NDA will continue to apply.

Start with our Non-Disclosure Agreement for Contractors and then add to the body the specific information you’d like to be treated as confidential (or include this as a schedule to the agreement).

Send an NDA to the contractor in advance of your first meeting asking them to bring the signed copy with them. If you haven’t had the opportunity to send the NDA out beforehand, introduce it at the beginning of first meeting.