Personal tax - Status

One of the Taxman's favourite sources of income. These documents will help show what your true tax status is

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Checklist of employment status factorsIf HMRC decides that an individual contractor should have been treated as your employee, it will ask you to pay the tax and NI that should have been deducted from their pay through PAYE, plus the employers' NI.  ... Read more
05 Apr 2018
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Log of UK visitsEstablishing your country of tax residency is important to determine what income and gains you will pay UK tax on. For this reason you should keep a continuous record of your visits to the UK.ResidenceIf you are a UK tax resident, you... Read more
08 Feb 2018
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IR35 - prevention of double taxation claimAn individual can claim a deduction from their taxable income where it includes a deemed payment of salary under the IR35 rules and the same income, or part of it, is in the same or a later year, taxable as d... Read more
19 Jan 2018
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Consultancy agreementIf you provide your personal services to your customers through an intermediary, e.g. a company in which you own or control 5% or more of its ordinary share capital, IR35 applies where you would be considered an employee if you w... Read more
21 Jan 2015
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