Introduction to this document

Shareholders’ meetings

Thanks to the popularity of written resolutions, shareholders’ meetings are less common. However, they are still sometimes necessary. Use our summary to check that you follow the rules and ensure your company’s decisions are valid.

Why bother?

Although the vast majority of shareholder decisions can be made by written resolution, many companies still hold meetings to encourage shareholder engagement. It gives directors the opportunity to report to the shareholders on the company’s performance and plans, introduce any new board members, as well as to put any necessary resolutions to them. Meetings can be a far more useful way of gaining the shareholder’s support for significant changes, such as new investments or business plans.

Private companies are not obliged to hold AGMs, but the articles may require companies to hold meetings on a regular basis or prior to or following certain events.

Meetings during the pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, holding in-person meetings has been difficult either because of national or local restrictions in force or because doing so could put participants at risk. Many companies can successfully hold meetings online or use written resolutions instead. See our Online Meeting Checklist and Written Resolution Procedure documents for guidance.