Introduction to this document

Companies House forms

Companies must keep the records at Companies House up to date with certain changes. Use our handy table to make sure you know what to file and when.

What needs filing?

Broadly speaking, if there is a significant change in a company’s make-up, Companies House will need to be notified. Companies House produces forms to use to make sure that all of the relevant information is included. Filing requirements are imposed by the Companies Act 2006, and failure to file some documents can even result in criminal prosecution.

Our table sets out the forms needed for the common events in a company’s life, along with their deadlines and any enclosures and fee required. There are also forms for less common events, such as dissolving a company.

Get it right

There are deadlines for many of the forms, and in some cases the change in question is ineffective until the paperwork has been registered at Companies House. The forms relating to mortgages and charges are particularly strict on the deadline and content (you need a court order to file out of time, for example). This is one of the reasons it will usually be your professional advisor who files these forms.

For all forms it is important to fill them out correctly and enclose any required documents. Each form is annotated with explanations where necessary and a checklist at the bottom to help make sure you have remembered everything.

There is a filing fee for some forms, as noted in the table. They differ depending on the method of filing and can change.

Next steps

The forms (online and paper versions) can be found at: and the applicable fee here: Most forms can be filed online; see our Companies House Filing guide for details.