Introduction to this document

Credit controller job descriptions

If your company is looking to take on a credit controller/finance assistant, you need to think carefully about your requirements. As these positions vary considerably, start by drafting a job description that suits your company’s needs.

Positions vary

A credit controller (CC) will report to management on credit issues, inform you early of potential debtor problems and advise which bad debts should be written off. An effective CC should be able to reduce your company’s debtor days which, in turn, will improve its cash flow.

However, CC positions are varied. The entry-level jobs often only deal with sending out invoices or making telephone calls to lots of small accounts. However, at more senior levels, CCs manage their own book of debtors’ accounts and prevent/deal with late payments on each of them. CCs can be expected to resolve disputes with customers, and liaise internally to make sure credit control policies are adhered to, e.g. being “on stop” means just that. If all else fails, they can instruct collection agencies and/or solicitors on behalf of the company and deal with liquidators and legal proceedings.

Use our Credit Controller Job Descriptions for a full-time credit controller and/or a credit controller/finance assistant to help you define exactly what your company needs.