Introduction to this document

Tender bank contents log

A tender gives you the opportunity to inform the buying organisation how you will meet their requirements, offer best value and explain why they should select your company. Responding to formal tenders is now a commonplace element of winning new business. You can ensure your business is best equipped to supply the required documentation.


Many businesses will respond to a number of tenders each year and some will be tendering very often. Your colleagues will frequently be looking to you to provide a variety of background information to support the bid.

Collating accurate and current background information for tenders can be time consuming. The best approach is for you to maintain an up to date Tender Bank Contents Log accessible by your colleagues.

The simplest method for managing the tender bank is to collect the data into a shared folder on your system.

  • scanning in original documents such as certificates
  • maintaining dates in the file name of each item of data so you can ensure that the documents in use are the most current
  • keeping a contents log for the tender bank and include an “update by” date, for example to remind you to insert the next set of audited accounts.