Introduction to this document

Sample electronic remittance advice

Why not e-mail a remittance advice from your accounting system instead of posting it? This will mean no paper, printing or postage costs for your business.


Your accounting software may be able to produce the electronic remittance advices as, e.g. a PDF, which you can then attach to an e-mail to the supplier. However, you’ll need to add some wording to the advice stating that these invoices are going to be paid electronically by BACS/faster payments system etc.

If your accounting software won’t do this easily, then speed up the process of issuing remittance advices by using the wording from our Sample Electronic Remittance Advice to set up a template e-mail.

To save you time and effort, don’t send an advice every time. Focus on invoices which are batched together for payment. Of course, you would issue one if you wanted to make it clear that, say, the payment is net of certain credit notes or to make sure that your payment isn’t matched against a disputed invoice.