Introduction to this document

Subcontracting agreement

If you want to subcontract part of your job,
use this form of contract to ensure you protect your position against subsequent claims against you by the subcontractor.

Advice 1

Ensure that the subcontractor gives full details of the services they are to provide in clause 1 and the date by which they will be completed in clause 3.

This is important because if the completion date is left out, the subcontractor has no legal duty to finish the job other than within a reasonable time. This may mean delays and problems with your customer.

Advice 2

Ensure they also give full details of the price for their services in clause 4.

Note that clause 9 gives you, as principal, the right to end the subcontracting agreement with the subcontractor for the reasons specified. This could be important if you need to “gee them along”.