Introduction to this document

Corrective action report

When you’ve assessed the risk of fire on your premises, the next stage is to put together an improvement plan. Our corrective action report will help you to cover all that’s required.

Where does this form fit in?

Our fire risk assessment system includes various documents which enable you to carry out the task in bite-sized chunks. These forms guide you through the risk assessment process, examining each aspect of fire safety in your building from fire prevention through to the procedures to be followed in an emergency.

There are 19 documents which make up the fire risk assessment; as you complete the first 18 copy across any actions arising to a Corrective Action Report, the final document in the series.

Why do you need it?

Within the individual sections of the fire risk assessment you are asked to identify the actions needed to control the risks. However, there is no space on those forms to track progress. With so much detail on the documents there’s a risk that actions will be forgotten. It therefore makes more sense to put them in one place so that you can more easily monitor their completion.

How to use the document

At the beginning of the report you are asked for essential details of the premises and of the person making out the report.

An “Action plan” table then follows, where you are invited to write down: (1) the “Further action required”; (2) the name of the individual responsible for the action; and (3) the target completion date. Once an improvement has been achieved, you must sign and date the final column.